about music for your mind

I dreamed of becoming a DJ my whole life. While it was never a realistic possibility, I entertained this dream in many amateurish forms, from posting on social media, through burning CDs, making audio tapes, or gifting playlists to my family and friends.

Music has always been an inseparable link to my DNA and electric stimuli to my nerve endings. My brain must be split up in two hard drive lumps, one for thoughts and one for music. They are interconnected with a sprawling network of nerve endings, surging powerful, passionate feelings into every hidden corner of my brain, making it all tick and inspiring me to live a life filled with awesome musical euphoria.

Since my husband died, I devoted a great deal of my time to grieving and self healing through music. To me, this approach to healing and processing grief was very effective. I got a premium Pandora account and a very expensive set of studio headphones and I dived in the infinite variety at my disposal, extracting layers upon layers of deeply hidden feelings and memories out for processing.

One of my favorite music chapters of the last few years has been cool chill and electronic music. None of it resembles spa music, I seek interesting sounds, great rhythms, inspiring deep, meaning loaded lyrics, the kind of music that takes you on a deep head trip and inspires thinking, feeling and healing.

Within the chill genre, I have found a wealth of cool, sexy music, pure poetry that stimulates mind, body and soul and lets you lose yourself in a maze of sensual and emotional matrix. This is some of the favorite music I have discovered in the last few years. I hope you will enjoy listening with me.


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